Welcome to my website. This is to catalogue my interests and ideas as part of my college course in UCC. I’m studying Digital Humanities and Information Technology.

I’m in first year and have been asked to keep a website. It needs to have a professional side to it with a personal aspect.

What is digital humanities? This is a great website that every time you refresh it there are many different quotes and explanations as to what digital humanities is. This would also explain why it is difficult for me to explain what my course is all about when explaining it to others that ask me what I am studying in college. There are many different ways of phrasing what digital humanities is.

Here’s an example of one explanation: “The use of computational tools and techniques to explore questions in the humanities, and the concomitant reflection on the use of those tools and techniques in that exploration.”

I’m enjoying the course immensely and looking forward to the next 3 years and seeing what it has in store for me.

This for me is the best way to describe the course that I am doing.

“I think of digital humanities as an umbrella term that covers a wide variety of digital work in the humanities: development of multimedia pedagogies and scholarship, designing & building tools, human computer interaction, designing & building archives, etc. DH is interdisciplinary; by necessity it breaks down boundaries between disciplines at the local (e.g., English and history) and global (e.g., humanities and computer sciences) levels.”

Feel free to browse the pages of my website for some of my interests.